Strangertalk is a collaborative partnership between photographer Leigh Griffiths and writer Eloise Basuki, a story-telling pair who gave up their jobs in Sydney to travel the world and seek out the best that travel has to give: real experiences with real people.

The aim is to tell the stories that aren’t being told – the stories of locals who are passionately fostering their history and traditions, of recipes and crafts being passed down from generation to generation, and capturing the day-to-day moments that exist within any community.

With Leigh’s eye on the lens and Eloise’s curiosity for food and it’s history, Strangertalk began in January 2017 – a photo journal that isn’t just a blog about travel or a guide to a city, but a celebration of local culture and their everlasting, although sometimes dwindling, traditions. 

Leigh’s career as an editorial photographer has sent him around the world on journalistic assignments. He’s foraged for native Australian ingredients with one of the country’s most adventurous chefs, he’s eaten chicken porridge for breakfast on the streets of Jakarta, he’s worked within the dusty, dim light of a Japanese ceramic factory and a Hong Kong tofu shop, and he’s also instinctively captured the people on the streets across China, Japan and South East Asia.

The images he’s hand-picked to sell in this print shop tell the stories of the pair's travels. From mad-as-hell market scenes to mothers and daughters washing vegetables on the street. They're Leigh's favourite moments to remember and are a unique piece of art, and a piece of Strangertalk, for you to hang on your wall.

We hope you love looking at these pictures as much as we do. For more information about the prints and shipping, head over to our details page.

To get in touch with Leigh directly, visit his website or email [email protected]